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Premium Semi Dedicated Hosting For Busy or Resources Intensive Websites

Is Premium Semi Dedicated Hosting for you?
Premium Semi Dedicated Hosting is crafted for website owners who requires additional server resources that Shared Hosting could not provide. Shared hosting accounts are hosted with around 250 - 300 other users on the same server where else not be more than 2 Premium Semi Dedicated accounts are hosted on the same server at any one time. This means that you will get at least 100x greater processing power than a shared account.

Flexihostings Premium Semi Dedicated Hosting? The difference
Our Premium Semi Dedicated hosting is simply special. There will only be 2 domains on a server. Unlike other hosting provider, there may be up to 15 Premium Semi Dedicated hosting account on a single server. We think having 15 hosting accounts on a single server defeat the purpose of a Premium Semi Dedicated hosting account.

Flexihostings Premium Premium Semi Dedicated only allow 2 website per server. This is what we call the real Premium Semi Dedicated - You divide a dedicated server into 2 parts :)

Premium Semi Dedicated Hosting Plan
Core Server: Intel Xeon Quad Core with at least 4GB RAM and 100Mbps Internet connection
Your premium semi dedicated account will be allocated with 25% processing power of the quad core and 25% of the server RAM and
Hosting Space: 100 GB
Premium Bandwidth (/mth): 1,000 GB
Subdomain: Unlimited
Email Account, Park Domain, FTP Unlimited
MySQL Database: Unlimited
Control Panel: cPanel
Also available:

SSH / Root Access

Guarantee: 99.95% Uptime
Data Centers: Choice of 3 data centers (Seattle, Dallas, Washington D.C.)

Costing for a Premium Semi Dedicated Hosting Account

1 month AU$ 169/mth
6 months AU$ 159/mth
12 months AU$ 149/mth

If you have any questions, please contact our dedicated team. Setup fee has been waived for all Premium Semi Dedicated Hosting Account.

Our premium semi dedicated hosting is the choice of many large / busy website owners who does not want the hassle and headache to manage/upkeep their own dedicated server. By hosting your website in our premium semi dedicated hosting account, you not only save $$ but you will get our full Server Administrator and Engineer Support to ensure your website is up and running nicely.

     Your hosting account will have the following features

Common Hosting Account Feature

  • 99.99% Hosting Service Uptime Guarantee
  • 30 days Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Technical, Sales, Billing & Customer Support via our Secure Help Desk
  • Live Chat Sales and Billing Support
  • Telephone Sales and Billing Support
  • Automated Backup & Self Service Back Up Available
  • All servers are protected from DDOS attack by Cisco

Email Hosting Feature

  • Our email service supports IMAP & POP3
  • Numerous SMTP ports for outgoing mails
  • Sendmail/Exim Access
  • Auto-Responders
  • Email Forwarding
  • Configurable SpamAssassin
  • Webmail Access via 3 popular client (Squirrel Mail,  Round Cube and Horde)
  • *NEW* Use Google Gmail

Developer Hosting Feature

  • Secure and hardened server kernel
  • PHP 4 & 5 (w/Zend Optimizer™)
  • MySQL 5.x
  • Python
  • PERL/CGI and your own CGI-BIN
  • phpMyAdmin
  • Self configurable CRON Access
    Server Side Includes
  • Private .htaccess
  • IP Banning Access
  • MIME Types
  • File Handlers
  • Custom Error Pages (403,404, and 500)
  • Password Protect Directories
  • Web-Based File Manager

Analytical Hosting Feature

  • Awstats
  • Bandwidth Usage Meter / Report
  • Error Logs
  • Sub-domain Stats

e-Commerce Hosting Feature

  • Payment Gateway Support
  • PayPal Support
  • Free Self-Signed SSL

Advance Hosting Feature

  • Dreamweaver and Frontpage Support
  • WebDav
  • Ruby On Rails
  • WebDAV
  • Enhanced Web Security
  • Access to raw log files
  • RealAudio and Video (http stream)
  • QuickTime Streaming
  • Anonymous FTP Server (req. unique IP)
  • phpMyAdmin
  • WAP/WML/Wireless Support

Multiple Data Center Options

You may choose to have your semi dedicated account to be hosted in either one of the below data centers
  • USA (Dallas)
  • USA (Seattle)
  • USA (Washington D.C.)
Prices exclude 10% Australian GST. Non Australian residents exempted.