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What People Say About Us

Dear Customer

Flexihostings recently did some research on our own via search engine and found numbers of people talking about us. It's really refreshing to read what people think of us. We would very much share it with you, be it good or bad.

We've uploaded those that we could find, some of them are found in our customers' websites and some are found in forum discussion websites. We even found out that we were featured at on 22 January 2007, .

Enjoy Reading it!

31 July 2012 - Please terminate my account upon receipt of this email. I no longer require this service, and can no longer afford to justify its expense. Please understand I have been very happy with the service and support of Flexihosting over the years, and that I am in no way dissatisfied with your organisation - I simply no longer undertake the business activities that required it.

1 June 2012 - Excellent. Thanks Kevin. That all now makes sense. I appreciate you taking the time to go through step by step.

1 June 2012 - Thank you for your email , Everything seems ok at the moment , But it comes and goes. I will let you know if we have any more problems, (Usually the server is wonderful that is why i recently upgraded my package :( )

2 June 2012 - WOW I am getting my emails today - no more errors causing other emails to stop in Windows Mail!!!! Fantastic. ALSO my websites are working really really fast!!!! And the updates to my website are really really fast too...Well done. I am so pleased to have been transferred to Avanti - many thanks.

3 June 2012 - Thank you for your support. We are planning to install security sofware to prevent these types pof attacks that require resources to resolve the issue. Thank you agin for your excellent support

4 June 2012 - Everything seems to be fine at the moment. I have put the site on-line again. I will keep an eye on things and let you know if there are any issues. Thank you for helping to resolve the problem.

4 June 2012 - Thank you very much Jack, I appreciate the fact that it is third party software, and I consider this well above the call of duty, I appreciate all your help and support. I will have a go at going through the steps and see if I need any additional help. Once again, thanks for your help,

12 June 2012 - Thanks I do understand and sorry I was getting frustrated as this issue was continuing when I kept getting told it was resolved, and as a result effecting my business. Thanks for fixing the issue Jack.

Paul Stanway --

11 Jun 2007 - I purchased a 250Gb hosting package from which provides me with unlimited mysql databases and a heap of free software via fantastico deluxe for $14.95 a month.

Peter Gillet --

28 May 2007 - I wish to apologise to people who set email to me care of peter991 ... they bounced back to you! I contacted FlexiHosting and the matter was quickly resolved. A long day - but an enjoyable one.

Melinda Mayne --

Apr 2007 - If you would like to build your website using the simplest, easiest, most straightforward method possible, then join Flexihosting and use SohoLaunch (part of the Fantastico package of software that you get installed for free)...

Mar 2007 - We have recently moved our sites to a new host: Flexihostings. Why?

Because they are cheap (hosting from $7.20 per month, they have excellent customer service (that was the first thing we checked!), you can host additional domains within the one hosting account, and they offer C-Panel with Fantastico scripts. Flexihostings currently has a special offer which gives you two years hosting and a raft of features for only $160.20. Features include:

  • Free domain name (for 2 years)
  • 900 mb disk space (most of you will only need 20mb)
  • 80GB bandwidth
  • 6 Addon Domains (so you can host 6 extra domains with the one account)
  • 400 Pop3 Email addresses (email mailboxes)
  • 20 Parked Domains

Jim Howard --

27 Dec 2006 - One of the hosting companies I used for years was Flexihosting. They were excellent and I can recommend them. They were super fast on helping with problems and they were excellent when it came to keeping you up to date on problems and issues.

Lachlan McDonald --

2 Dec 2006 - FlexiHosting where great as usual with they’re tech support.
Australian companies really care for their customers. Unless its Telstra, but they’re just emo.

Robo --

6 Sep 2006 - Someone asked why I don't move to someone like godaddy to reduce the costs ... choosing a server company is more than just looking at their price .. reliability and service are big issues to consider. I found flexihosting through a guy who ran a network of other game sites and went with them on his recommendation. I've never been disappointed with them and they give great support.....

Sen Black -- |

28 Jul 2005 - Mate i've been using for 4 years now, and I have 7 accounts and 12 domains with them.

Wouldn't recommend anyone else :) Awesome reliability, best customer service i've ever experienced with a host (been through about 9 hosts), and cheap!

If you're interested in them send me a PM I can help work out a deal. 4 years as a customer provides influence :p


23 Jul 2004 - I ended up signing up with due to Deasoft not answering any of my emails which I sent about 3 or so days ago.

Plus flexihostings supported direct deposit and I've been with them before and they have good services and speed as well. Just abit more pricey then Deasoft though.

David Wischmeier --

20 Apr 2004 - hmmm i havnt had a problem with them for the last 2 years. they only went down 2 time for like a hour. perhaps the server you were on was shaky. best bet is to request to be moved to another server cause of the troubles. I had a friend do that and then he never had any more problems.

Christopher Simon --

12 Feb 2004 - Signed up with flexihosting. Was refered from a friend. I even caught in on some discounts they had running plus a 15 percent off that.
Good service, good help desk, heaps of features. 10/10

Prices exclude 10% Australian GST. Non Australian residents exempted.