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Customers Most-Honest Feedbacks -- Uncensored

To All Our Most-Adorable Customers

As you all know...Flexihostings has recently passed its 5th years anniversary in June 2007. We emailed each and everyone of you to give us your most honest feedback about us, about our services, about our products, anything at all.

We're so WOW with all the responds and really THANK YOU and deeply appreciated for your effort. We are taking all your feedbacks seriously and promise to improve on those area that we are lacking at. Thanks again for letting us know about it, this is the only way we could improve.

As promised, here is the compilation of everyone feedbacks. We bare it all....from good to bad.

We really enjoy reading them it!

"Congratulations on the 5th Anniversary of your Australian operations...I am positive of and looking foward to its 10th,15th 20th and so on....."

Tengku Hishamudin | | Hosting plan: Business Hosting

"I think you guys do a good job."

Norman Campbell | | Hosting plan: FX 75s

"I am very pleased with your service —always friendly and helpful. I recommended you to a friend of mine recently and he has now got his website with you...."

Rian Anderson | | Hosting plan: FX 75s

"I have had an account with you for nearly 4 years and have been so impressed that I have recommended you to several businesses (some still going, others have closed) :,,,, to name a few.

I have always found the help desk supportive and responsive with any questions or problems quickly resolved. The Control Panel is exceptionally useful and offers some great tools. "

Jamie Olliff | | Hosting plan: FX 75s

"Guys, i think the service has been second to none... i would prefer faster servers as the site is pretty slow (i find) from .au. other than that, keep up the good work, no complaints here."

Scott Parkinson | | Hosting plan: FX Advance

"Where do I start i have really had a greta experience from the time I have had a webiste that is hosted by Flexihsoting. the tech support is very prompt and I do always recommend people to try out flexihostings, whether they make any commitment is beyond me.

I enjoy the fatc that the company provides hosting for australians in australia, and also that they can be contacted easily and problems are easy to sort out no matter what the problem. "

Vance Le Garde | | Hosting plan: FX Lite

"Sometimes would be useful to be able to telephone a query but this seems to be very difficult as can't find your phone number on your communication or in phone book. Also a summary of what is being hosted and when it will be expiring would be very helpful. "

Jack Goldberg | | Hosting plan: FX 35s

"I must say that having used other hosting services in the past I find that Flexihostings are the Best!!! You guys are cheap and reliable and whenever I've had problems your online support team (Mainly Yip - give her a raise) have been unbelievably helpful!!!

I will NEVER use another hosting service again. it's Flexihosting all the way!!! "

Samantha Playford | | Hosting plan: Web Hosting 2

"Just when I was ready to ask a question, the opportunity to thank you for past assistance and ask the question has now appeared in my in box!
Recently, when I attempted an upgrade and slight reconfiguration of my Mambo-based web site, the site stopped. Luckily, your support staff were able restore the site from backup, so I was back on the air...."

Wayne Garvey | | Hosting plan: FX Economy

"Wow! Five years old already. Congratulations guys!

I have only praise and support for the service that you offer – as someone who has limited knowledge about what I am doing but very keen to use the Internet I have been absolutely delighted with the simplicity with which I am able to set up sites, buy domain names and check the activity at any time.

I still have a lot to learn about how some of the many other features work but I know that your support is always there to answer my questions. Keep up the good work and here’s to the next five years!"

Caryl Oliver | | Hosting plan: FX Lite

"I must confess that my experience with flexihostings has been a bit a disappointment. I have had a number of problems with hosting with your facility, and the responses have sometimes been a bit slow....While the response of the actual servers and hosting is very good, after these few hiccups I have wound back my usage and moved my primary domains to another hoster."

John D'Archambaud | | Hosting plan: FX Economy

"Having been with you guys for awhile now I think there are a few things you could improve on. It seems that even today there are too many ways to interact with you and the different ways are not very well combined. For example I can go to the billing manager and see my domains and accounts but then if I want to change something I get redirected to another system....All things considered I think you service is top class and I certainly recommend it to anyone looking for hosting."

James Moss | | Hosting plan: FX Lite

"I've found Flexihostings to be consistent in their customer service, very helpful and always prompt in their replies and attention to problems brought to their attention. It is these qualities that I find that are important in keeping a satisfied clientele and make Flexihostings stand out from the pack. And the staff are always pleasant to deal with you. Happy Birthday from a very satisfied customer and much continued support."

Joe Matera | | Hosting plan: FX Lite


It's quite heartwarming to know that we've been receiving the excellent service from Flexihostings for that long! I can only say that your prompt responses and friendly demeanor are few of the many factors that keep your edge over your competitors.

Keep up the good work, and from us at Jardine deserve a toast for 5 successful years! "

Linda Esguerra | | Hosting plan: FX Lite

"I have been a flexihosting customer for.... ohhh, must be about 2 1/2 years now. In that entire time, I have not had one negative experience. The support staff have been great and always helpful, even when I lost all my stuff on my computer, missed an invoice and so was in bad financial standing for a few months without knowing, I STILL didn't have any bad expreiences.

As this was my first foray into having my own website, I often didn't know what I was doing. The support staff, always fixed my problems, even when I didn't really know what was going wrong or how to properly explain what I was trying to ask. And I recently got given an existing customer upgrade to a VIP package, increasing my bandwidth and storage and so on, out of the blue. How cool is that?!

So the moral of the story I guess, is that I don't really have anything bad to say, and look forward to carrying on hosting my account with flexihostings. :) Happy Birthday! "

Samuel Bice | | Hosting plan: FX Lite

"Happy birthday!!!, Flexi is best!."

Otto Ortega | | Hosting plan: FX Premier

"Gday…. I have been with you guys for a while now & really have no complaints for you…So that is a good thing!! Have had a few issues here & there – yet that is with technology.

Every now & then – Congrats on your 5 years – may the next be even Better – Keep Growing & do appreciate the thanks – thanks also to you for your Support whenever I hit those bumps in the road - ---to Success – as a Home business I do depend on reliable service…..thankyou!

Nice to hear from you & thanks for the Bonus Gift…. I believe “what goes around, comes around” – It certainly helps me morally as I run a small business.... Thanks for you reply & look forward to a lot more great service you have been providing me over the years…. Keep Up the Great work & good luck for the Future….. "

David Clarke | | Hosting plan: FX Lite

"Happy Birthday :) I really hope flexi can be one of the most competitive hostings one day."

Sui Xiao Gang | | Hosting plan: FX Lite

"So far, I am happy with the service and everything that has been provided. "

Seth Greene | | Hosting plan: FX Lite


I would like to "share my experience" and say that dealings with has been very simple and effiecient in the past for Run Eliza Run. We chose to host our account with Flexihostings after extensive online research and comparison.

In our dealings with Flexihostings in the past, we have found the services efficient and effective, and the customer service prompt and helpful. Thank you Flexihostings for your continued excellence in online services and customer support. "

Amanda & Jodie Davis | | Hosting plan: FX Economy

"I changed from another web host to and have found it to be one of the best decisions I’ve made for my website. I haven’t found a more cost effective web host in Australia. My previous web host always had problems with my website being down for periods of up to a few days, not with which I’m very grateful for. I’ve needed assistance a few times and your support has always helped me straight away."

Bjorn Wise | | Hosting plan: FX 35s

"I have been with Flexihostings almost since the beginning. Well at least 4 years now. Have you had many loyal customers?

Anyway, i have diversified my business and although it hasnt grown as much as your business, i can gladly say that it has been an overall positive experience dealing with your company.

The biggest dilema i experienced was when the my account is moved to another server without notification, and as such i temporarily lose my HORDE data, as they only move the email data and not the other HORDE content.

Other than that, the occasional email spam and routing problem is usually fixed within the week, but only after much to and fro'ing with customer support. Ticket support was difficult at times due to the apparent lack of notification of revised tickets. Subsequently, a new ticket would be made to highlight the existing ticket waiting in the system to be addressed."

Gavin Lo | | Hosting plan: FX Economy

"I have had a few problems recently with transferring domain hosting to you but I have found that Yip on the live support has been very helpful with both this and some other teething problems when we first set up. I have already signed up a friends business with you and would have no issue recommending you in the future. I must say that the re-design of your web site was a good move as the old one was a little confusing (design too busy).

One thing that would make sense would be if you could integrate all of a customers account facilities in to one page accessable from your main page. i.e. Billing Manager / Web Mail / Support / cPanel etc. as there is currently only user details / payment on the customer page and not even any links to these. "

Christian Fromberger | | Hosting plan: FX Lite

"Congratulations guys.I'm pretty happy with the service you guys have provided me these past couple of years. Although I still wish I knew what happened to my Wordpress installation in Novemeber last year.Your support guys have been responsive and helpful and I hope you continue to provide the same service levels in the future.

I hope you never fall victim to the takeovers and amalgamations that have plagued my previous hosting experiences where I suddenly end up a customer of a company I've never heard of with new contracts I didn't want thanks to my hosting provider being bought out by someone else.
Good luck and thanks"

Bruce Hardie | | Hosting plan: FX Lite

"Thanks folks at Flexihosings! I’m generally happy with the services and would rate it an 9 out of 10.

My suggestions….Disclose who is the mystery man Albert G. ???..........the ‘status’ page on that topic seems always out of date. Last notice is from 2006!............Figure out how customers can do https to their webmail/cpanel on the standard https port!.............Beef up the FAQ’s..............Sort those folk out from flexihostings.COM..............Fix the headers “Domain Registration” and “SMS Marketing” on your home page. They don’t work (already for ages like that) and dead links are bad.

OK… enough for now. Thanks again folks… good job."

Rob Geurtsen | | | Hosting plan: FX Advance & FX Lite

"Wow, congrats to Flexihostings on being 5 years old! I have been with this hosting company since 2003 and I have not regretted it once. They are extremely reliable. I have had very little (if any) downtime. If I have a problem, I post a message on the help desk and they are always extremely quick to get back to me to help me. I cannot possibly think of a better host for my domain! If I could give any criticism, I would, but I simply cannot think of any! Keep up the great work please! "

Carolynne Heffernan | | Hosting plan: FX Advance

" Congratulations Flexihostings. In today’s world it is very difficult to stay in business for 5 years or more. I think statistics suggest something like 70% of new businesses fail within the first 5 years!!

Our experience with you guys has been very good to-date. Keep it up!!"

Wayne Jones | | Hosting plan: FX Lite

" Hey !!!! Congratulations...Well... I'm mexican, so... I hope you understand my english, hehehe

I can only say that is a great service, and your support service is excellent... the only bad thing that I can say is something about a domain... it was my domain, i didn't pay for the renewal, when I try to renew it again, the domain was taken by a company that wants to sell it to me more expensive....!"

Oscar Ramírez | | | Hosting plan: FX Lite

"HI i had a few issues with priblems hosting emails etc and got help was great but what will be better is 24hr online support if you could do that it will be awesome"

Eahab Arja | | Hosting plan: FX Lite

"Congratulations.. It is very nice to be a flexihostings customer. You want to have suggestions. I have one. Maybe you could give people training how the work with all the specific tools you offered."

Richard van den Oudenalder | | Hosting plan: FX 75s

"I'm happy with Flexihostings. The speed and stability of the servers seem to have improved, my account is holding up under heavy use far better than it used to. After continued issues with billing (one even resulting in my domain going offline) I was ready to leave but was upgraded to the VIP package and I couldn't match the value for money anywhere else.

Tech support are very quick to resolve problems, just perhaps billing is letting the team down? Never have I had so much trouble for paying my account on time! I have since changed to twice-yearly billing instead of monthly billing so there are not so many invoices to chase up. On the whole I find Flexi to be good value for money and the site management and payment is a breeze (most of the time, anyway!)"

Doug Donaldson | | Hosting plan: FX Advance

"Happy Birthday.Flexihostings have been the best. We can only say good things about Flexi.In particular, your support crew has been great. Our problems were dealt with promptly."

Joanne Inverno | | Hosting plan: FX Lite

"I have trouble with the changes in webmail. I used to be able to login and access all our domains e-mail accounts ( Now I can only access my own.....When you changed to the new server I lost my ability to access all the mailboxes and possibly reset passwords which was very handy. The current system doesn’t allow this.

Telephone technical help would be good for situations like this. E-mails crossed for weeks and the live on-line didn’t work as I had to frequently leave my computer and your end lost track by the time I responded. I have given up and rarely use webmail now. I rarely check the catchall box and wait till I have access to my computer for e-mail. "

Mike Lehman | | Hosting plan: Business Email Hosting


Prices exclude 10% Australian GST. Non Australian residents exempted.