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FreePBX VOIP PBX Telephone System Hosting

FreePBX is an easy to use GUI (graphical user interface) that controls and manages Asterisk, the world's most popular open source telephony engine software. Flexihostings FreePBX hosting allows businesses, professional, home user to have a stable, reliable, enterprise grade platform to run their phone system. It is also a cheap and fast platform to try out FreePBX & Asterisk Opensource PBX system before implementing or venturing further into it.

All our FreepBX are hosted locally in Grade 1 datacenter. This promise the best clarify for your voice call 24/7. All FreePBX installation are hosted on individual VPS container to offer you the highest security as well as reliability. Please read below to find out what exactly you will be getting.

Professional FreePBX Consultation, Management & Implementation service for businesses and call center is also available. Click here to contact our FreepBX experts.

  HostedPBX-5   HostedPBX-8
PBX GUI Software
FreePBX 2.x
  FreePBX 2.x
Asterisk Version: Asterisk 1.4   Asterisk 1.4
Simultaneous Calls: Approximately 30   Greater than 30
Number of Extensions: Unlimited   Unlimited
Freedom to Choose your Own SIP/IAX Provider: Yes   Yes
Memory Allocated : 512MB   1GB
Disk Space: 30 GB (can store at approximately 30,000 Voice Mail)   50 GB (can store at approximately 50,000 Voice Mail)
Fast VOIP Connectivity Yes   Yes
Weekly backup of the whole system setting Yes   Yes
PBX Managemenet via Web GUI Yes   Yes
Support Fee $10 per issue*   $10 per issue*
Setup $25   $25
Monthly Fee
(US, Singapore, Netherlands DC)
$69   $129
Monthly Fee ( Australia DC) $79   $139
* Each issue is assumed to be resolvable within 20 minutes. If issues are deemed to exceed the allocated time needed to resolve the issue, we will provide you a quote before working on it.

Dont get tied up under contract with Telecommunication provider.
Get the complete set of PBX system with Australian landline number setup, for incoming & outgoing calls at a minimum cost. NO CONTRACT. If you have any questions about Flexihostings Hosted FreePBX solutions, please contact us here.

There is no limits set to your FreePBX account. You can create unlimited extension, add unlimited number of trunks or DIDs, created unlimited ring group, music-on-hold and etc.

If you want a ready to go hosted PBX system with Australian landline number setup, incoming & outgoing call ready, please contact us with your detail requirement. We can offer Australia wide DID numbers.

For a full list of FreePBX features, please click here.

Remote PBX Setup and Administration Service

Our team of FreePBX / Asterisk engineer can also provide remote management / assistance & monitoring service for you in-house Freepbx / Asterisk system at a reasonable rate. Please contact our FreepBX / Asterisk Team here.

How do I connect to the PSTN?
Our hosted FreepBX is an IP-PBX platform solution. This means you will have to supply your own ITSP such as mynetfone, faktortel. and more, there is no direct connection to the PSTN. Any provider that supports connectivity with Asterisk will work fine. Need help? Our good team of IP-PBX experts will be here to assist you.

How many calls can it handle?
Our standard and enterprise plans are typically rated for a maximum capacity of about 10 - 15 concurrent calls. This value can vary widely depending on transcoding of media streams (ie. g729 to ulaw), simultaneously running applications in the VPS, local on-site bandwidth capacity where extensions are located, etc.

In some cases, customers have successfully handled 20 and more concurrent calls with acceptable quality. When reaching these levels of capacity and beyond, we highly recommend to consider our VDS Solutions, where you will be guaranteed a minimum amount of CPU usage as well as limited sharing of the host server.

24/7 Professional Technical Support. We are always here to answer your questions at all times.
100% Client Satisfaction Guarantee. Flexihostings's services carries a 30 day money back guarantee unless otherwise stated.
100% Network Uptime Guarantee. Applies to any Flexihostings client in good financial standing with Flexihostings at the time of a service outage.

We highly recommend to consider our VDS Solutions.

Prices exclude 10% Australian GST. Non Australian residents exempted.